You play one of nature's greatest engineers, the beaver! Help protect your family from the rampant rivers by moving and cutting logs, moving rocks, and placing mud strategically to keep your home in one piece!


This game was created in 1998, the idea inspired by some fan mail of Snowball Software. A girl named "Melissa Beaver" stated that she thought it would be nice to have a game with a beaver in it, so DamJam was created. The coder of this game admits this was the hardest game to produce, due to the AI of the water.

You are a beaver, out to protect your family. Use your teeth to cut down logs smaller to maneuver them, use your tail to pack mud behind logs. Save your family! Now get back to work!
Logs can be cut up to be moved around, use another object behind them to stop water from moving them.
Water, the enemy. You can swim in it, but don't let it reach the bottom of the screen!
Boulders can be moved, and water cannot pass them.
Mud can be picked up by your tail and packed behind logs to prevent them from moving.
Ratings / Reviews:
"This is a wonderful game" - Games4Win (5/5) Stars at Fileforum
(3/5) Stars at Bluechillis