Africa was not the same after the bubbles attacked the jungle, but when they come back in the year 3012 its clear the world would never be the same as well. Help Razor, a decedent of Jill in this highly anticipated sequel of Jungle Pang, pop the bubbles in several countries, the moon, and even back in time!

Shoot and pop the bubbles with your lasers, and save the world .. in the Future!


I really was itching to make another Pang game, so I just went for it with a sci-fi scene and make it a sequel. I had every intention to have a "time travel" mode where you have to back to the old Africa game.

Little known fact is that I was very close to negotiating a ghostwriting deal for a story to go with the game. The story plot (in my opinion) was a very creative one! Perhaps someday, but not today! I have no intention of making another Pang game .. dead horse beaten!

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