You are a nameless Elf, the lone survivor from the last adventure, where the warrior, valkyrie, and wizard all died in a freak accident. You life a good life, until you are haunted by your old dungeon running mates, who swear that if you go back to the dungeons and obtain a special life-giving ring they will all be brought to life.

They haunt you ever night, until you finally go back, sick of being annoyed. Grabbing your bow, you head back to find it is not exactly how you remembered. Monsters are different, and several areas bring you outside the dungeon entirely.

To give it some RPG quality, a gift shop is included in the game.

This game was created in 2004, obviously intended to be a completely unsupported spin off of the popular Gauntlet series. Efforts were made to make levels, even some graphics be exactly the same. Even the music creator specializes in 8 bit music, and took on the requests for gauntlet style music. (please don't sue us Midway!)

The elf was chosen because it was the coders favorite in the original, other than the wizard. Also there was no intention on making this a multi player game. Perhaps in the future, but definitely not now!

The elf character (you)
Ghosts are stronger if the are darker, phantom (black) ghosts may be impossible to kill.
Thief's will rob you blind, kill them if they run off with your stuff! 
get too close to a witch and she will zap you repeatedly. Shoot from a distance! 
Skelly's will throw slimy bones at you, take them out quick.
Demon's run fast, and prefer melee attacks. Don't let them!
Let one of these touch you and you temporarily go blind. 
DO NOT SHOOT FOOD! Just eat it, it restores you!
There are 3 types of  potions, but you have to find out on your own what they do. Enjoy! 
Treasure is not only shiny, but can unlock doors that ask for money. Use them in the gift shop!
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