Giant bubbles are appearing over the African Jungle, crushing wildlife and just being a plain nuisance! Help Jill of the jungle finish a tour of Africa in a quest to destroy bouncing bubbles that are terrorizing several of Africa's great landmarks and cities. The fight to save the Africa begins in Ghana where Jill must pass all 5 stages and a mini-boss before moving to the next location.

Jill has the advantage of power ups including a time-slow, time-stop, a smart-bomb, a double harpoon, shield, and even the magic of jungle vines! There are 10 total countries, and a whole lot of bubbles to pop!

Jill of the Jungle (you). Its your task to get rid of all the bubbles terrorizing the African Jungles!
Bubbles ome in all colors, shapes and sizes, and some with some evil urprises!
Lions are one thing you have to be careful of. When they get closer they will attack, so be careful!
  Wild eagles will go right for you, so get rid of them quick!
There is a good chance you can take these out if you see them early enough. They will dive for you when dropping so watch out!
Slows down the bounce of bubbles permanently.
Places a shield over you that will protect you during the current stage. Will shield almost anything once.
Clocks stop time for aproximately 10 seconds, use it wisely while everything is frozen!
Reduces every bubble to tiny bubbles. Can be useful and could also put you into a bad situation fast!
The GUN is a fast way to reduce bubbles to nothing, but completely useless if something is coming at you from the ground.
Twice the harpoon love. You can do alot of damage with this one, keep it!


This game took about 8 months to make. Lots of custom artwork and plenty of level making.

This is the first game where I did not deal directly with a music person (100% premade royalty-free stuff), it is also the first game that uses the "tilt" option for android/iphone devices, as well as the first time I hired an actor (very cheaply I might add!) to do a quick clip for my promo.

Judge is still out if I can get in trouble for using "PANG" in the title of the game.

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