Sargot is a puzzle game involving a demon determined to leave hell. Its nothing more than a hellishly addictive puzzle though, as the challenges of leaving get more difficult each stage.

Use books to open doors, drink potions to walk through fire or push giant skulls, portal yourself to different sections. There is definately a way out, will you be able to help him?

This is Sargot (You). Manouver him through each puzzle like level.
Large skulls are littered everywhere throughout each level. Move them if you have enough strength.
Hellfire will roast you, unless if you have protection.
a warp gate! Stepping into one will bring you to the other.
Strength potions will help you push large objects.
Fire protection potions are the most useful.
You need to collect EVERY book before you can leave.
Once you collect all the books, this door is your exit!


This game was created in 1997, soon after the popularity of Shrooms. This initially was going to be a game for another company but that idea folded quick, so snowball kept it.

The name "sargot" was inspired by an adventure game called "I have no eyes but I must scream", where there was a demon with that name.

NewRatings / Reviews:

(15/30) at PlayAndroid Magazine - '' Sargot is a game of the extremes.'' (60/100) AppBrain
(3/5) Best Apps Market - some of these puzzles can be downright tricky, and that's a great thing. (5/5) FileDir