In a world alike our own, there is one populated with mushrooms instead of people. One such mushroom, Spike, accidentally opens a portal to a cave full of beers, and enters amazed!

Each cave contains more beer that Spike must consume before moving to the next. Obstacles like boulders and water slow down his progress. Help him drink every beer and escape the strange caves in this clever puzzle game in the remake!

Spike is just one of 5 mushrooms you can pick from. Each have different adventures and abilities.
Mushroms need cookies to push boulders, that's just the energy he needs.
Spikes adventure consists of him having to drink all the beers, he just won't leave until he has had them all!
Each time you walk over a puddle, you loose a cookie. Sad times! :(
Rocks sometimes get in the way, but a mushroom can move it if he has a cookie.


This game was the first Snowball Software game. Original sales were on a 3.5 disk to those who registered the game, the original office just a PO box in Goffstown, NH.

This game received high praises from the strangest locations. A teacher with hearing disabled students praised the game for being easy and fun for her classroom. A gentleman with one arm wrote to the company in appreciation for the ability to have one hand controls. The first person to buy the game was a man who mailed a bill from scotland. We still have it somewhere.

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