Soko'Banshee is a puzzle game involving a banshee in charge of pushing souls back to their gravestones. The main character plays a human that picks up a banshee's silver comb, converting her. The only way back is to finish the game, or become a crying banshee forever.

This game was created in 2000, a cleaver remake of the generic "sokoban" clones, and re-clones. The same engine for "shrooms" was hacked to make this game possible.

This is the banchee (you) use her to push souls into gravestones.
here is a soul, push them to their final resting place.
an empty grave, push a soul into it!
a full grave, you can push the soul out if you want.
Ratings / Reviews:
"Love it!" - games4win (3/5) Stars at BlueChillies