A white hole opening near earth releases a new enemy, the "Wasabi Pea Invaders". Geared with the last ship geared for war, you take it upon yourself to destroy the invaders before they get to Earth!


This game pays tribute to Blasteroids, a game that mixed asteroids with a sort of Arcanoid feel. This game was created in 2002, the first game made outside of VB. The idea came about when the coders now wife ate too many wasabi peas.

Clone: Extra life in case you die.
Ghost: Turns your ship into a ghost ship, making it impervious for a temporary time.
Heat Seeking Missile: Creates a missle that will go directly after the closest enemy.
Mirror: Experimental powerup that creates another ship under your direction. Powerful but confusing, and dangerous!
Starfire: Creates a ring of starfire energy. One of the most destructive one time powerups in the game.
Doubleshot: Doubles your firepower. Very useful, don't loose it if you can help it!
Wormhole Generator: This created a wormhole despite the fact that the level is not over yet. Even cheapshots can happen in space.
Shield: Covers ship in shield.
Your ship, the PX-32b. Equipped with pea punching power.
Pea Pumper. Green enemy ships will empty several peas from its cargo, red ones empty even more!
Pea Chaser: all they have to do is touch you to blow up your ship, and they follow your every move.
Boomerang Ship: these ships shoot pea boomerangs all over the place.
This ship produces any enemy ships, even peas!
Wasabi Pea, from the Pea Planet. The larger they are, the more likely they have a power up inside. Red ones reproduce like rabbits so watch out!
Ratings / Reviews:
Accepted by the Wasabi Peas Appreciation Society *no joke!!* (5/5) Stars at Bluechillies
(5/5) Mike (via)
Awesome ! I always wanted to shoot Peas!
(5/5) Ron (via)

Best game on the market!!!!